Mayoral Top Trumps – Story reveals whose campaign packed the biggest punch!

By 27th April 2017 West Midlands

West Midlands Mayoral Top Trumps

Recent hustings – the proverbial ‘weigh ins’ if you will – may have built anticipation for the big event, but as news junkies, communications geeks and constant seekers of impactful strategy, Story decided to take to its tools and put the spotlight on the comms campaigns of the candidates for the West Midlands Mayor.

Our analysis – which assessed the candidates’ campaigns across eight measures – reveals:

  • The Conservatives’ Andy Street leads the pack on Facebook with the largest audience
  • Sion Simon, Labour’s candidate dominates Twitter with most followers
  • The Liberal Democrat’s Beverley Nielsen’s website authority trails just short of Simon’s
  • While, both the Green’s James Burn and UKIP’s Pete Durnell command 13% of media share of voice

So, whose social media prowess has convinced you? Whose website has persuaded? Join the debate on Twitter using the hashtag #MayorTopTrumps.

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