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Graft&Grow: Make money, money


  • 66% of business leaders believe they will see pre-pandemic growth levels from July 2021, 15% think sooner
  • Nearly three quarters (71%) are focused on new market opportunities
  • Two thirds (62%) plan to develop new products and services

Courage. Sharp decision-making. Innovation, and an attitude of ‘just crack on’. These are some of the qualities helping our region weather one of the biggest economic storms in decades. 

While three quarters aren’t ‘bouncing back’ yet, Midlands business leaders are optimistic. Our region’s businesses are looking ahead and planning a clear route to growth, with two thirds (66%) believing they will see pre-pandemic growth levels from July, with 15% expecting sooner.

Mark Sheldon, Group chief technology officer, Sidetrade 

“With our business, we’re very confident of continuing our growth. More generally, it’s difficult to say – I’m personally optimistic. Businesses are going to have to innovate to survive, thinking as an entrepreneur – after any downturn there is a big rise. A definite change to the market dynamics – and big opportunities.”

Joel Blake, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, GFA Exchange and Co-founder, BPFS Black Leaders Network 

“Growth is achievable if businesses think innovatively and inclusively about what that growth looks like for them. The winners will be the ones that have embraced disruption, sought advice and guidance, utilised digital to make connections, involved themselves in webinars and courses, and had conversations that enabled them to think more innovatively about how they are delivering value.”

Chris Woods Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CyberQ Group

“I believe that on the other side of this, when the vaccine arrives, we will see the biggest boom in a generation. But, within this, business will have to adjust, and digital transformation is going to be at the heart of this across all sectors. It is the businesses that have adapted the best that will perform the best.”

But, how are our leaders actually going to make money this year? Pursuing new market opportunities is top of the list (71%) with a further 62% focused on developing new products and services. 

Storytelling wraps a meaningful tale that customers will understand around all of your innovation, ensuring it converts to growth opportunities. 

Want to chat it through? Get in touch at amanda@wearestorycomms.com 

Read the full #MidlandsGraftandGrow report, covering everything from Brexit to Black Lives Matter, innovation to cashflow here. 

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