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Keeping it real resonates.


As part of our new Straight Up advice series on how to lead comms amid the Covid-19 crisis, here’s some top tips on communicating authenticity from account director Tom Bradshaw-Smith.

It’s a strange time for media and comms, that’s for sure. Print is being marginalised and digital becoming omnipresent while brands’ own social media and web channels are playing a more fundamental role in their comms approach than ever.

In a period of crisis, it’s essential that authenticity is at the core of your and your businesses’ comms. Keeping it real resonates.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

Trials and tribulations – it’s a challenging time for business, we are all feeling it. So don’t be afraid to discuss some of your experiences. Sharing how you are tackling them can be illuminating for your key audiences and can bring you closer to them. Shared experiences bond.

Talk openly – and to camera – Now is not the time for slick Hollywood productions. ‘Home produced’ video content that gives the viewer information, guidance or just a feeling of being in the same boat, works very effectively right now. A great example is Money Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis. His very honest video briefing following the Chancellor’s Self Employment and Furlough update gained significant traction.

On the ball – being reactive and nimble to the news agenda is important. By briefing your people and stakeholders quickly on what updates mean for your business or service shows that you are on top of things, breeding much needed confidence.

Successes – many of our clients have moved to complete home working, seeing productivity uplifts and their client service levels being maintained or even improved. This is worth shouting about internally, and if there is a tangible result – a new contract, innovation or service, externally too.

Now is not the time for corporate hyperbole (is there ever?), it’s a time to speak openly and honestly about what you are doing, what guidance or help you can offer and, how you are feeling as an individual and as a business.

Simple, insightful and authentic updates will go a long way to connecting your colleagues, customers, suppliers and more.

Get in touch if you have any questions, and the team at Story wishes you well.

Keep it real.



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