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Meet the extended Story team: videographer Dom Catena


People upload 500 minutes of video a minute to YouTube and viewers retain 95% of a message when it is told in this medium. Add that to the fact that by 2021, online film content will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic – and you have a no-brainer.

Our videography has helped clients launch housing developments in new markets with high-end drone footage and CGIs, it’s given CEOs the human touch, captured opinions for social media with quick vox pops and launched major campaigns with a big bang.

To find out more, we quizzed Story videographer Dom Catena on all things moving picture, revealing the tips and tricks of the trade and how to create standout video content.

What is your background?

I studied Digital Film Production at the University of Gloucestershire, specialising in cinematography.  I started creating films when I was about 12 on an old Sony Vegas. I have since spent time working in a creative agency, before setting up my own video company: Rural Motion Media.

Do you have any specialisms?

I do a lot of animation work and specialise in colour grading which involves editing videos to ensure the colour is consistent and balanced. This doesn’t just happen automatically – what cameras capture isn’t necessarily true to real life. While engaging visuals are crucial, clients should also realise the importance of audio. By specialising in audio design, I am able to find new sounds, which may have not been part of the audio captured when filming, and input them into a video. Think car horns, a record player crackling in the background…

What should you think about when commissioning a video?

Clients should question whether a video is the right format. This should always be the priority – are you going to get the engagement you want?

Video is about telling a story, even if product or service-led. It can allow you to show how a person uses something in everyday life, creating a narrative that makes people pay attention.

Clients often have a clear vision for a video. If not, storyboarding can be a good tactic. That being said, trust your creatives. We are here to help you get an idea off the ground and add flair to a project.

What are your top tips for maximising video content?

Subtitles are key. Stats show that most people consume videos on social media without listening to the sound, so not including subtitles can hamper engagement.

Offer something different for each platform. Always think about this before a shoot begins so you reserve the time to capture the content you need for each channel. Dimensions and video orientation are also important, with Twitter and Facebook videos optimised towards mobile viewing in portrait mode.

Consider multiple edits or cutting up a video into multiple snippets. Not only does this maximise the content and make your budget work harder, but also enables video to be better tailored to different platforms or audiences.

Do you have any video production golden rules?

Always carry tape! Every video should be different. A lot of social media videos can be samey and to truly stand out, a video must be unique.

What is the most common mistake made when creating a video?

Sound. You can have the most cinematic, amazing visuals, but if the sound isn’t up to scratch people won’t watch. This applies to voiceovers, backing music and on-location sound.

What is driving the growth of video content?

It is easily consumable. Look at the rise of Instagram Stories or Netflix. People love to watch and more importantly share, with video performing well with social media algorithms.

If you’d like to talk more about video and whether it can help your comms, get in touch hello@wearestorycomms.com

Check out some of Story’s video work below


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