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Graft&Grow: Necessity – the mother of Midlands invention?

  • More than three quarters (77%) of the region’s businesses have added new services or products to their offering during the pandemic
  • Two thirds (62%) plan to develop new services or products in 2021

The phrase ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ has never been more apt than over the last year – and our Midlands: Graft & Grow research backs that up. Big time.

Developing new products and services, alongside digital transformation, has been critical to many businesses keeping the lights on. More than that, it has been the making of many – leading to new opportunities and growth.

More than three quarters (77%) of those surveyed said they had added to their services or product lines in recent months. Interestingly, almost two thirds (62%) indicated they would be developing further products and services moving into 2021.

Peter Hubbard, Senior Partner, Anthony Collins Solicitors:

“Within professional services, it’s been a huge opportunity to experiment. Our clients are constantly asking a host of different questions. We’re distilling these, innovating and figuring out the cost and how to charge for it later.”

Simon O’Neill, Managing Partner for the Midlands, EY UK:

“Most businesses have seen the unit of time change. What used to take a year can happen in a week or even a day. The range of outcomes is so different from how anyone expected.”

Shalom Lloyd, Managing Director, Naturally Tribal Skincare:

“All we can do is remain optimistic. We see opportunities in everything we do. We’re working on our rebrand at the moment – people would think are you crazy, why are you rebranding? We see an opportunity, our new look and feel to our new packaging will get us to the next level and allow us to start 2021 on a high.”

Andy Dawson, Director and Co-founder, Curium Solutions:

“In the current climate we have grown nicely as a firm and continue to add new customers globally. We have been able to demonstrate our ability to deliver digitally and virtually – which has been critical to adapting and maintaining growth. We thought about that in the first few weeks – we learnt how to adapt and how to keep connecting with people and grow the customer base.”

We may all be just a little bit bored of the ‘new normal’ term, but one thing is for sure, the working world has changed forever – and there is more to come. Those who embrace it will be the ones who prosper.

Need some help in getting change moving and telling the tale of your business? We’d be happy to talk it out over a cuppa – Zoom, naturally! Drop us a line amanda@wearestorycomms.com

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