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About Story Comms


Story Comms is a private limited company operating in the communications and PR sector – primarily business to business – for a range of clients. Our products and services include, but are not limited to, public relations, media relations, reputation management, crisis communications, digital communications, content creation, video production, social media management, campaigns, brand management, messaging development, profile raising, measurement and media monitoring. Where this document refers to ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’, it refers to Story Comms Ltd.


Introduction to our Privacy Policy


Story Comms Privacy Policy – and related policies listed below – explain how we collect, use, protect and share data about anyone using our services or working with/for/on behalf of us. This includes suppliers, clients, stakeholders, plus those viewing and consuming our website or marketing materials, or interacting with us in any way during the course of daily business.

This document also explains the kinds of data we may hold about you, how it is processed, used and retained, and what your rights are as a ‘data subject’.

It applies to any of our services, which predominantly cover PR and communications materials developed or written for and on behalf of clients and events managed on behalf of clients or as Story Comms. This policy also covers marketing materials we produce, the running of our website, and emails with clients, suppliers and staff. It is also relevant to any legal responsibilities or contractual obligations carried out to ensure business running.

Policies that should be viewed hand-in-hand with this Privacy Policy include:

  • Email Retention Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Staff Privacy Notice
  • Website Privacy Policy and Cookies

Story Comms is designated data controller and Amanda Lowe, Managing Director, is Data Protection Officer.


Who we collect information about – and why


Story Comms only collects – and retains – information about you if your details are necessary to fulfil our day to day business requirements – and the briefs of our clients. We keep data only for the length of time required to perform that purpose or if that purpose will, or is likely to recur over a period of time, and we will only contact you for marketing reasons when we have consent to do so.

We strive to keep all information about you up to date and to ensure this is so, we may contact you from time to time to ensure accuracy.

These are the ‘subjects’ we collect data about, and their legal basis, which are the circumstances in which we may legally use your information:

Clients – To perform contractual obligations, process billing, to comply with legal or statutory obligations, and for other purposes where explicit written consent is given, in accordance with this policy, our Email Retention Policy and Data Protection Policy.

Staff – To perform mutual contractual obligations, comply with any legal or statutory obligations and to protect interests of the individual or company where necessary, in accordance with this policy or our Staff Privacy Notice.

Suppliers – To perform contractual obligations, process billing and invoicing, to comply with legal or statutory obligations, and for other purposes where explicit written consent is given, in accordance with this policy.

Prospective suppliers, clients and interested general public – To contact you about services where explicit written consent is given and in accordance with this policy. We may also collect data, which is not personally identifiable, using cookies and Google Analytics via our website, which is covered by our Website Privacy Policy and Cookies notice.

Media – In order to provide specific, media-related materials agreed between us and the organisation/individual, to comply with any legal or statutory obligations, and for other purposes where explicit written consent is given, in accordance with this policy.

Subjects of PR and communications materials, either quoted or as authors – To perform contractual obligations and where consent is given to be named and part of materials, or for other marketing purposes where explicit written consent is given, in accordance with this policy.

Stakeholders – To perform contractual obligations with clients and where information is in the public domain, to contact you about joint opportunities, or for marketing purposes around services where explicit written consent is given, in accordance with this policy.


Information types we collect 


Personal information we collect includes:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Employer
  • Job title

We only collect the information above necessary to fulfil the purpose it is required for. The purposes are listed below.

Information you give us

  • Marketing materials – we receive your personal data when you opt in to receive marketing from us, such as e-briefings or newsletters. This remains the case until you tell us you no longer wish us to send you marketing materials or contact you, after which we will delete your information from our records.
  • Service provision, now or in the future – we keep information to enable Story to contact you, or your business, in order to serve this purpose. This is kept for the duration of specific service provision and for a reasonable length of time after, or if you tell us our services are not required. The Data Protection Act (DPA), also governing this area, directs a statutory retention period of some documents and records for six years.
  • Creating public relations and communications content – when you freely and knowingly give your information – confirmed by email – for use in developing this content.
  • Surveys – we may survey clients and the general public, either about the quality of our services, or on a subject directly related to a communications campaign. Details remain anonymous unless consent is otherwise given.
  • Events – in order to contact you about attendance, or request other information such as dietary requirements, we may keep information about you for as long as needed to complete the event and any immediate communications following.

You give our clients your information

  • Developing public relations and communications content – where we only use your information if you freely and knowingly give our clients your information to support creation of content, such as for quote within a media release or video. Your information is protected in the same way as if you had given it directly to us and by applicable policies of our clients. We do not sure data with third parties, such as journalists, or release content created on your behalf into the public domain without written consent.
  • Event attendance – this applies if you are attending an event we are managing on behalf of a client and have given them information, including dietary requirements, which we then come into contact with for the purposes of the event.

Through our services and platforms

  • Social media – from time to time you may comment on our platform posts, giving information we may collect for monitoring and reporting purposes. This is anonymised if passed on, unless required for legal dispute or regulatory purposes. We do, however, have no control over any information collected by social media platforms as part of their practises and recommend you review their policies and cookies.
  • Website – we use cookies to track behaviour and pages visited, to give us a picture of browsing behaviour and campaign success, enabling us to improve experience of our site and campaigns we run. Cookies do not collect your name, address or any other personal information. We collect personal data you consent to provide via forms, used to contact you about specific requests you have made, or to provide marketing materials.
  • Google Analytics – we collect standard website logging and browsing information through GA, to find out the most successful areas of the site and where users arrived on our site from. This is anonymised information and neither Story Comms, nor Google makes any attempt to find out the information of users visiting our website.
  • Marketing newsletters – we obtain your consent to send you marketing materials such as e-briefings and newsletters, and we may, from time to time, use this to check your details are correct or to request additional information. We do not trade email lists with other organisations. We use Campaign Monitor to send you materials you have explicitly provided written consent for. Please refer to our supplier’s privacy policy for information on data protection and privacy. You can unsubscribe any time using links at the bottom of our marketing materials, or contact us directly at hello@wearestorycomms.com.


When we might need to collect more information about you


From time to time, we run events on behalf of clients, or as Story Comms itself. On these occasions, we may collect dietary information from you. This information is not retained after the event, which is why we may ask for the same information again on another such occasion.

We do not collect any other ‘special category’ of data, but if this need arises we will inform you as part of your rights.


How we use your data

Public relations and communications content creation

  • Written press releases, thought leadership and blogs, where you are either listed as the author or quoted with a point of view.
  • Filming you agree to be part of, either as an interview subject or as part of other filming.
  • Attendee lists either to in-person events, or webinars and e-briefings.
  • Surveys to provide baseline statistics for communications campaigns for clients. In the vast majority of cases, surveys are undertaken by third parties where we do not receive any personal data, and your consent for use of your data resides with those third parties undertaking that work, for which we have no responsibility for.
  • Emails involved in creation in any of the above.

Improving or maintaining services

  • Our website uses cookies and also contains forms for content capture, which we may use in the course of day-to-day business to improve or provide services.
  • Surveys developed to measure success and improve our work.
  • Processing financial or contractual information necessary to provide services, which may be through our third party provider, Spark Accountants.

Protecting rights and interests

  • Protecting the safety, rights and interests of Story Comms, its staff and any third party, or investigating or preventing any activity we deem to be illegal or unethical.

Legal compliance

  • In the course of supplying necessary information to comply with regulatory and legal obligations, or to enforce rights arising from contracts and using as evidence in proceedings.


Sharing data


Story Comms does not share data with any third party save for the specific purpose in which it was originally collected. In the course of business, we may share your information with:

  • Suppliers in order to carry out your request, or necessary business activities to ensure contractual compliance, or for billing purposes.
  • Journalists or media outlets necessary to carry out activity under contract and with data subject’s consent.
  • Clients, in order to facilitate services we need to provide, with subject’s consent.
  • Suppliers, to ensure needs, or contract terms, of clients, Story Comms and individuals are being met.
  • Stakeholders, where it is necessary as part of a request and where consent has been given.
  • Legal entities, if necessary for compliance with regulation or law – or in contract dispute.


How long we keep information about you

We only keep information about you for the length of time it is needed to serve its purpose, or for a reasonable period of time after, as specified in this policy. Our Email Retention Policy governs the length of time we keep emails. We do not keep more information than we need about you to perform the essential services of our business. All data is managed in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018.


Security of your data


We have technical and physical safeguards to all data, designed to protect against theft or unlawful use. We strive to protect your data against unlawful use and criminal activity, but it is your responsibility to protect your passwords and usernames you use in the process of contacting us. Any documents we do have that contain personal information are password protected and held within a heavily password protected system, which is regularly updated.

  • Children – we operate services for working professionals and do not currently have any clients where children are part of public relations and communications, nor do we knowingly collect any information from this group. We will inform you of any change to this in the event of our client roster including any requirement to receive information from this group. This would always be carried out through through a designated carer.
  • Third party services – we use Gorkana for media relations, Spark Accountants for invoicing, billing and payroll services, Alpha Works for office provision. These services have their own Privacy Policies, for which we do not accept liability and responsibility.


Your data – your rights


Under GDPR regulations, you have the right to view, access or amend any personal data we hold about you.

To view, amend or request deletion of your personal information we hold, email our data protection officer, Amanda Lowe, at amanda@wearestorycomms.com


Changes to our Privacy Policy


 We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time in order to comply with legislation, or to ensure it covers any new or amended business practices. Any changes made will be notified by the date of the document.

This policy is also renewed and reviewed annually, with last review at 17 April 2020.


Contact us


If you would like to contact us about anything contained within this Privacy Policy, please email hello@wearestorycomms.com or call 0330 120 0287.

You can also write to us at:

Story Comms

Floor 22, Alpha Tower

Alpha Works

Suffolk Street Queensway


B1 1TT



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