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Priya Khaira-Hanks

Junior Account Executive

Priya is another of our graduate recruits. With extensive journalistic experience – having been published as a freelancer at the Guardian and the Radio Times, as well as securing a competitive Guardian internship – she knows all the tips and tricks in a journalist’s arsenal, and can turn them to the advantage of Story’s clients. A natural writer and expert social media strategist, she is our website copy go-to.

She currently works on clients across the tech, education, health, recruitment and law sectors, and will turn her hand to any writing that comes her way, making her a project work pro.  

As well as her razor sharp copywriting skills, Priya is also famed within the Story team for her questionable taste in music and likes to relax in her spare time with yoga, wine and aforementioned trashy pop music… preferably all at the same time.  


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