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Welcoming Vicky Malone, our junior account director 

Alongside our Story rebrand, we have welcomed two new members to #TeamStory – and they have already made themselves right at home. Find out more about what makes Vicky tick: 

We sat down with Vicky for a chat, covering everything from her morning commute to life as a working mum – and, like the true icon she is, in the space of 5 minutes she was quoting Dolly Parton and labelling Jane Eyre “the ultimate queen of sass”. 

Sum up Vicky in one sentence: 

Caffeine-fuelled chatterbox scatterbrain.

Favourite film:

It’s a toss up between Star Wars Empire Strikes Back and Goodfellas but also know that if anyone from the team is reading this, I ought to say Wolf of Wall Street. It’s something of a Story obsession….

Favourite read:

I have the memory of a goldfish so am lucky in that I can read a book several times without ever remembering the plotline – one of the few books I know inside out is Jane Eyre. She is the original queen of sass and my favourite literary character. I’m also now partial to a bit of David Walliams thanks to my seven-year-old.

Thing you can’t leave home without?

Lipstick and my crochet. I should say mobile and wallet but I usually leave one of these behind most days.

How do spend your morning commute?

Reading the paper and doing the crossword! I’m one of the lucky few who manage to get a seat so I do quite enjoy my morning commute.

We’re foodies at Story – but if you had to choose between two of our office go-tos, which would it be – chicken wings or sushi?

Bonehead’s chicken wings. I didn’t even know there was an alternative go-to in the office?

As one of the most stylish members of the office, what is your top style tip for the more sartorially-challenged among us??

I am genuinely concerned about my colleagues if anyone thinks I am one of the most stylish?! However, along with Junior Account Executive Priya, I do like a bit of animal print….

You are a Strictly fan – if you could pick anyone in the world, who would be your dream dance partner?

Idris Elba!

What attracted you to join Team Story?

I knew Team Story well in the Midlands agency scene – they had a fantastic reputation and were fast growing. It seemed like such an exciting time to join the agency. The team are such a dedicated and talented bunch too – that was a huge sell for me. 

What’s a typical day like for you?  

I’ve learnt since starting here there really is no such thing as a typical day! It starts ridiculously early with various childcare drop offs so I’m usually ready to hit the coffee machine when I get in at 8.30. At the moment, I’m working on the Story re-brand and new website. On the client side, it’s been working with the team on everything from 2019 planning and messaging toolkits to social media strategy and thought leadership pieces. No day is ever the same. Just how I like it!

Have your career/life goals changed since becoming a working mum?

I think most working mums (and indeed working dads too) find they become much more efficient at work. This is why I feel so many frustrations with workplaces who refuse to consider part time working – I know many parents who say they’re just as effective on four days a week as they were on five before children. You really do learn to just get your head down and motor through your workload when you have to leave promptly for nursery pick up! I’ve also just learnt to take on roles that I know I will enjoy – while I don’t think anyone could claim to have the magic work-life balance, having a job you enjoy and being surrounded by positive and supportive colleagues can make a huge difference. I’ve always been quite choosy about the roles I’ve taken on and have been lucky to have always had lots of learning and laughs along the way.

You are an invaluable source of lightness and laughs in the office – tips for staying so positive?  

Perspective! Just remembering what’s important and that it isn’t the job that defines. As Dolly Parton says: “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

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