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Graft&Grow: We’ve blinked and it’s Brexit


Brexit. It loomed large for four and a half years following the 2016 referendum result. 

While we knew it was coming, we didn’t know what it would bring. 

Despite the time lag, uncertainty over our post-Brexit future showed up in our Midlands Graft & Grow survey. Nearly two thirds (62%) of regional business leaders said they were not prepared for it. 61% revealed they don’t think there will be any impact on their business.

However, our interviewees were slightly more concerned – with the sector they came from, key to its impact. Manufacturing, a vital sector in the Midlands, was singled out due to its heavy dependendence on EU trade relationships. 

Abe Tilling, Managing Director, Midlands & East Region, NatWest:

“Brexit is a big priority at the moment, particularly in manufacturing or supply chains. Businesses are struggling with working out how much to order and delays due to Brexit will hurt.”

Shalom Lloyd, Managing Director, Naturally Tribal Skincare:

“We’ve focused so much on the c-word and forgotten about the b-word. Brexit. For companies like us that are product-based and export, Europe is a huge target market. We have focused so much on keeping the business, maintaining market share and trying to get our products out there because of COVID that Brexit crept up on us. So, we’ve got two things that we’re dealing with right now.”

Malcolm Davidson, Director, WSP:

“While the ‘known unknowns fuel business uncertainty, we have had time to prepare for it. As with most defining moments of this magnitude, there are opportunities to be seized here. As WSP said to the EU Services Lords Committee during their enquiry on the matter, less competition from European construction firms post Brexit, may create greater opportunities for UK firms to thrive.’

It appears Brexit remains deeply divisive. But, there is a clear feeling amongst Midlands’ businesses that they just want to get on now and manage it through so they can start getting back to normal. Whatever that now means.

Need some help in getting change moving and telling the tale of your business in a post-Brexit world? We’d be happy to talk it out over a cuppa – Zoom, naturally! Drop us a line amanda@wearestorycomms.com 

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